Saturday, February 23, 2019

Annual Report February 2019

Submitted by Jesse Zacher, President; Eve Tallman, Secretary; Garrett Mitchell, Treasurer

2018 and 2019 year-to-date has seen a period of regular activity for our climbers’ coalition with some long-term projects coming to closure. The bank balance is modest yet resilient. Our nonprofit status remains in good order.
A major accomplishment happened early in the year. The final real estate parcel the coalition needed to sell to pay off our loan to the Access Fund closed in January. The buyers of the parcel adjacent to the Mothers Buttress trailhead are climbers and they are moving forward with developing their land for a residence. The coalition dipped into savings to make up the gap between the selling price and the debt owed to the AF for the purchase of our several crags.
The coalition received two grants this year totaling $4500, thanks to the efforts of Jesse and Eve. The Access Fund awarded WCCC with $500 for signage, which we spent on informational signage for our Unaweep crags and for the Bulletholes bouldering area. Jesse was able to secure a $4000 grant from REI for improvements at our trailheads in Unaweep. A bridge is under construction at the stream crossing and we have secured the materials to finish this project once the weather improves.
At our trail work day on National Public Lands Day, WCCC board members and others totaling 15 individuals installed signage and worked on the trails to Sunday Wall.
Jesse worked on our behalf in an effort to secure access to the Cabin Wall in Escalante, and he negotiated with the landowner of the TV Wall in Unaweep as well. He also worked with the staff of Colorado National Monument on management issues. He will report on these efforts at the annual membership meeting.
Board member Randall Chapman hosted several Bouldering Nights and Climbing Days at local areas. Including a couple of events that were rained out, he scheduled 14 events with 67 climbers attending, and included bouldering and climbing days and service work on trails.
After long last, the WCCC has established joint membership with the Access Fund. Now when you renew your Access Fund membership, you can select WCCC for your joint membership and $15 will come to WCCC!
Paul Stoner has become our newest Board Member. Welcome to Paul!
WCCC continues to enjoy good standing with the IRS and with the Colorado Secretary of State.
Several guide services are registered with WCCC to legally guide on our crags in Unaweep Canyon. We discourage unauthorized use and appreciate tips regarding illegal use or abuse of our land.
Our Financial balance sheet at the end of January, 2019 is healthy. At that time the bank balance was $12,373. We started 2018 with $16,894. Major changes to the account were the -$9500 on 1/31 to pay off our loan to the Access Fund and +$4500 in July for the two grants we received from the Access Fund ($500) and REI ($4000). We received approximately $450 from guiding services who use our property. In the past month, we expended the $4000 of the REI grant for materials to construct a bridge at the Sunday Wall trailhead and repair the parking lot at Mothers Buttress.
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Annual Meeting Feb 25

Western Colorado Climbers’ Coalition
Annual Meeting
Monday Feb 25th @ 5:30 PM
Summit Canyon Mountaineering
461 Main St, Grand Junction CO 81501

Grand Junction climbers: Join us for our Annual Meeting! This year we are meeting at Summit Canyon Mountaineering in Downtown GJ. Come and hear about what the WCCC has been up to and help shape our priorities for 2019. Meet other local climbers who are dedicated to getting out to the crags and to our mission of preserving access to Western Colorado’s climbing areas.
Summit Canyon will be holding their spring sale at the time of the meeting so if you’ve been looking for a deal on some winter gear this could be the opportunity to pick something up. Please come down and show your support for the WCCC. Summit Canyon has been one of our sponsors since the inception of WCCC in 2007 and we’re excited to be teaming up with them once again.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

WCCC now offers joint membership with Access Fund!

Now when you renew or join the Access Fund, you have the option of adding a joint membership with Western Colorado Climbers' Coalition. This means you have an option to support WCCC by  adding $15 for each joint membership. We are pleased to offer this to our supporters.

From now until December 15, Access Fund has a few more days for Black Diamond and a group of anonymous donors to match all funds coming in. We're hoping you will support WCCC through the joint membership program during this campaign.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Thanks for the help on National Public Lands Day--September 22

A dozen volunteers assisted with work associated with two grants we received from the Access Fund and REI-Grand Junction. Pillars were set for a new bridge over the trail at the Sunday Wall trailhead in Unaweep Canyon, and new signage was posted at Mothers Buttress trailhead and Sunday Wall. In addition, a new trail was cut to reroute the approach trail to the new bridge.  Thanks, everyone, for helping out!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Guide Services and Institutions

As of June 2019, the following guide services and educational institutions are authorized to use the Unaweep cliffs owned by Western Colorado Climbers' Coalition. These organizations are insured and have official permission to guide on our lands, and we urge folks seeking a guide to support these entities. Please report violations; unauthorized guiding puts us all at risk and is not fair to the guides who have been diligent in securing legal access. WCCC thanks them for their ongoing support of the Western Colorado Climbers' Coalition. If you feel your organization has been left off this list inadvertently, or to report violations, please contact evetallman [at] gmail.

Jose' Iglesias, Summit Ridge Guides, 970-216-2953  

Kris Hjelle
Colorado Alpine & Desert Adventures, LLC/Desert Crags & Cracks, LLC

Glenwood Climbing Guides
Contact: Mike Schneiter

National Outdoor Leadership School,  Rocky Mountain

Colorado Mountain College

Sunday, April 15, 2018

WCCC Trail Day April 21--Tabeguache area

Adopt A Crag!
Please join us Saturday, April 21 at 10 AM for a fun and productive session!
Find us at the Tabeguache trailhead for trailwork and trash pickup at Bullet Holes and the Dynamite Shack bouldering area.

Meet local climbers! Win prizes!

We'll eat some BBQ when we're done. We are getting some awesome swag that we will be raffling off at the end.

RSVP at:

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