Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes: December 1, 2009
In attendance: Jesse Zacher (President), Garrett Mitchell, David Carch, Matthew Seymour (Treasurer), Eric Ming (Board Member), Daniel Garmon, and Eve Tallman (Secretary).
Business Discussed:
Adopt-A-Crag: Proposal is for approach trail and base erosion in the Monument near the slabs. Eve will contact Toni to see if she’s interested in coordinating a trail day; if so, Eve will serve as liaison with NPS.
Unaweep Parcel: Jesse submitted 15 copies of the planning documents to the Mesa County Planning Commission. Action: Jesse was reimbursed $75.25 for printing costs. Steve Johnson will submit receipts.
Gateway tower in Wilderness Study Area: Jesse is working with the BLM, the Colorado Environmental Coalition and the Gateway Canyons Resort to discuss the bolting of an existing (unbolted) route in a Wilderness Study Area. Discussion ensued regarding drilling in the WSA. Jesse will meet with concerned parties on December 3 [meeting postponed—ET] and will report back to the WCCC. Eve will notify the policy director at the Access Fund for advice.
Eakle request: The landowners of the Unaweep crag known as the Sun Tower have requested the WCCC rebolt some anchors on existing routes. The Eakles are long-time, climber-friendly stewards of their crags. Discussion ensued about using Jesse’s Hilti to retrobolt the anchors and Jesse requested reimbursement for a reconditioned battery for his drill. A proposal was made to reimburse Jesse for up to $100 for this expense, with select WCCC use of the drill for the work. The vote was unanimous; Jesse abstained from voting.
Bolt removal device: Discussion ensued about the possibility of the ARI (Anchor Replacement Initiative) may loan one to us.
Escalante Canyon: Jesse has spoken with Escalante pioneer Chuck Grossman, who, with others (notably Alan Hill and Ed Webster) believe there is “out of control” drilling in Escalante specifically on established routes. Grossman et al want a guidebook. Discussion ensued about an electronic version on Mountain Project or the feasibility of a print book. Ken Peaves (sp) has extensive experience in the canyon and has been removing bolts. He’s been talking to landowners and climbers to educate about the history of the canyon’s climbs. Speculation regarding who the responsible parties may be. Tat is an issue, as well. Three options were discussed regarding a guidebook: 1) online with Mountain Project; 2) online guide linked to WCCC; 3) printed guide. Eric and Jesse will inquire with Chris Mac and Crusher to discuss viability of a publishing project.
Peterson parcel: Discussion of Steve’s settlement proposal email ensued. Eve will contact Steve to inquire about the Peterson’s take on it. Jesse will serve as WCCC ambassador, if needed.
ELECTION OF OFFICER: Since Matt will be leaving town for a few months, Garrett was nominated to serve as Treasurer for the WCCC. Jesse so moved, Matt seconded. The vote was unanimous. Garrett Mitchell has been elected Treasurer of the Western Colorado Climbers’ Coalition and will work with Matt to transfer signatory authority with Wells Fargo.
Meeting adjourned.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Notice To Proceed Issued for Unaweep Driveway

The Colorado Department of Transportation has issued a Notice to Proceed for the construction of the driveway at the Mothers' Buttress crag. We're still working away on getting bids for construction, line out our subdivision with the Petersons, and finalize the paperwork on the REI grant and our real estate agreement with the Petersons. Watch for more updates!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Job Offering for Climbers



All candidates must share our philosophy of sustainable building practices as well as be focused on personal and crew safety. We are a strong small business that devotes time and energy into developing relationships with our clients, our employees, and the natural world

Bonsai Design Inspection Report / Camp Tanuga 2008 – Page 2



Responsibilities will include:

  • Accessing trees and surveying for course layout.
  • Working in a team of 2-4 on a daily basis to build and install cable systems, ledger systems and platform systems
  • Working and communicating with a crew of 8-12 to facilitate the completion of the project as a whole
Maintaining personal safety of self and others while working

Previous experience in one of the following areas is recommended:

  • Working as a facilitator, builder or maintenance on high ropes courses/canopy tours
  • Construction, maintenance, carpentry, rigging or welding experience
  • Rock climbing (especially big wall) experience

Job specifics:

  • Applicant MUST have willingness or desire to travel for long periods of time throughout the year
  • Significant time off between jobs
  • On site housing and food are provided
  • Travel to/from projects is provided
  • Compensation will be commensurate with experience and ability

Applicants must have: a positive attitude, great work ethic, good communication skills, ability to work at heights, proficient rope skills, and a constant awareness of safety.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Outdoor Program
Wednesday Night Wandering
September 30th @ 7:30pm
Recital Hall at Moss Performing Arts Center

We have an amazing speaker coming to campus. Chris Bonington is Britain’s
best known climber and one of the most successful expedition leaders in the
World having led the teams that made the first ascents of the South Face of
Annapurna and the South West Face of Everest. He has been at the cutting edge
of climbing for the last forty years making first ascents of twenty peaks in the
greater ranges of the World. His ascent of the Ogre with Doug Scott in 1978 was
only repeated after twenty attempts in 2002. He is author to over 15 books about
his amazing adventures.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Movie Premier. Luxury Liner: The First Ascent of Super Crack

Please Join us for a movie at the KAFM Radio room on Thursday June 25th at 7:00 PM. Stewart Green will be showing this great film about one of the most famous climbs at Indian Creek. Admission will be 10$. Come show your support!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Coalition Meeting

It has been a while since a mass Coalition meeting. It is time! Through winter the board has been working hard to finalize the land acquisition and division. Now that it is climbing season again, there are some new issues needing to be addressed. A meeting will be held on the 19th of May at 7 PM. We will be holding the meeting at Jesse Zacher's house behind the college, the address is 1925 N. 9th St. Please bring your own beverages if you wish to have them. This will be a good opportunity to look at the upcoming year in both climbing potential, and furthering the coalitions success in securing access and the promotion of land stewardship. We have some upcoming fundraising opportunities. One of them is a movie premier about the first ascent of Super Crack. We will also be welcoming a new member to our board. This is also a good opportunity to grab a new climbing partner. As always Coalition T-shirts are available at the meeting for 10 dollars.
We also have a new facebook page for those of you that are members. If you have any pictures of climbing in the area email them to western_co_climbers@hotmail.com and I will be sure to post them.Search for Western Colorado Climbers' Coalition on Facebook Groups to Join.
Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cat Wall Closed

Just in: The Cat Wall and the Reservoir Wall in Indian Creek have been closed for Peregrin nesting through August, according to Jason Keith, Policy Director for the Access Fund. More details to follow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March board meeting

A quorum of the board met on March 24. Present were Jesse, Matt S, Eric Ming, and Eve. Also present were Leslie and Laura.
It was reported that Kris Hjelle has resigned from the board. Marc Kenney has been nominated to fill the vacant seat.
The REI grant was reviewed; because of delays with CDOT and etc., we have been unable to complete some of our REI grant details for the Mothers Buttress project, so Eve is requesting an extension on the March 30 deadline for reporting our expenditures. The engineer and surveyor will be invoiced for their services related to this grant work.

A $100 check was received from Summit Canyon Mountaineering for T-shirt sales.

The WCCC tax form 990 was filed as a group activity during the meeting. Eve reported that she renewed our registration and annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State.

An incident involving a landowner who resides across the highway from Mothers Buttress was discussed. It is highly recommended that climbers stay clear of the homeowner who owns the green home and green outbuildings; this person is highly agitated and threatened a WCCC member at gunpoint who was there on legitimate business. Apparently, the incident was not reported to the sheriff.

Eve has a plat map of a neighborhood adjacent to the Monument that shows a walking and equestrian easement from the street to the park boundary. Climbers and others have been harassed by a landowner who claims there is no easement, but a CDOT employee who is familiar with the issue has produced the legal plat map. Eve will post the map on the WCCC website so that climbers may print it and leave it on their dash, perhaps with a friendly note regarding legal access...

T-shirt sales are very slow and the group brainstormed about how to sell more. The cost is very reasonable ($10) and the black on grey is attractive spring wear.

Steve Johnson's Access Fund Award for activist of the year was discussed. All present acknowledged our gratitude to Steve for his hard work on our behalf to help us purchase the Mothers Buttress from the Petersons.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Progress Report

Nary a day goes by that there isn't activity on the Mothers Buttress land acquisition project. Dave Foley, our volunteer surveyor, and Marc Kenney, our volunteer engineer, have been hard at work on the permits and planning process with the County and the highway department. Additionally, these two met with land owner John Peterson and WCCC Secretary Eve Tallman on site recently to look over the property lines, proposed boundary line adjustment, and driveway location.
Our volunteer attorney and broker for the deal, Steve Johnson, met with the County planner and our Prez Jesse Zacher to further discuss what is needed to made the proper subdivision so that we can close on our real estate deal with the Petersons.
Patience is a golden virtue when dealing with these complicated processes.
WCCC will pay fees and some expenses from our REI grant to assist the Petersons in their quest to provide climber access in perpetuity for the Mothers Buttress parcel.

Watch for news of our next WCCC meeting. Happy Spring!

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