Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes: December 1, 2009
In attendance: Jesse Zacher (President), Garrett Mitchell, David Carch, Matthew Seymour (Treasurer), Eric Ming (Board Member), Daniel Garmon, and Eve Tallman (Secretary).
Business Discussed:
Adopt-A-Crag: Proposal is for approach trail and base erosion in the Monument near the slabs. Eve will contact Toni to see if she’s interested in coordinating a trail day; if so, Eve will serve as liaison with NPS.
Unaweep Parcel: Jesse submitted 15 copies of the planning documents to the Mesa County Planning Commission. Action: Jesse was reimbursed $75.25 for printing costs. Steve Johnson will submit receipts.
Gateway tower in Wilderness Study Area: Jesse is working with the BLM, the Colorado Environmental Coalition and the Gateway Canyons Resort to discuss the bolting of an existing (unbolted) route in a Wilderness Study Area. Discussion ensued regarding drilling in the WSA. Jesse will meet with concerned parties on December 3 [meeting postponed—ET] and will report back to the WCCC. Eve will notify the policy director at the Access Fund for advice.
Eakle request: The landowners of the Unaweep crag known as the Sun Tower have requested the WCCC rebolt some anchors on existing routes. The Eakles are long-time, climber-friendly stewards of their crags. Discussion ensued about using Jesse’s Hilti to retrobolt the anchors and Jesse requested reimbursement for a reconditioned battery for his drill. A proposal was made to reimburse Jesse for up to $100 for this expense, with select WCCC use of the drill for the work. The vote was unanimous; Jesse abstained from voting.
Bolt removal device: Discussion ensued about the possibility of the ARI (Anchor Replacement Initiative) may loan one to us.
Escalante Canyon: Jesse has spoken with Escalante pioneer Chuck Grossman, who, with others (notably Alan Hill and Ed Webster) believe there is “out of control” drilling in Escalante specifically on established routes. Grossman et al want a guidebook. Discussion ensued about an electronic version on Mountain Project or the feasibility of a print book. Ken Peaves (sp) has extensive experience in the canyon and has been removing bolts. He’s been talking to landowners and climbers to educate about the history of the canyon’s climbs. Speculation regarding who the responsible parties may be. Tat is an issue, as well. Three options were discussed regarding a guidebook: 1) online with Mountain Project; 2) online guide linked to WCCC; 3) printed guide. Eric and Jesse will inquire with Chris Mac and Crusher to discuss viability of a publishing project.
Peterson parcel: Discussion of Steve’s settlement proposal email ensued. Eve will contact Steve to inquire about the Peterson’s take on it. Jesse will serve as WCCC ambassador, if needed.
ELECTION OF OFFICER: Since Matt will be leaving town for a few months, Garrett was nominated to serve as Treasurer for the WCCC. Jesse so moved, Matt seconded. The vote was unanimous. Garrett Mitchell has been elected Treasurer of the Western Colorado Climbers’ Coalition and will work with Matt to transfer signatory authority with Wells Fargo.
Meeting adjourned.

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