Monday, December 10, 2012

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Lower Mothers Buttress and Television Wall 4 Sale

The WCCC is once again neck-deep in access talks regarding popular crags in Unaweep Canyon. As many regionally-active climbers know, over time, the Access Fund, local climbers, and the WCCC have struggled to obtain access rights to the unique granite cliffs of Unaweep. Unfortunately, the crags are on private property, and the surest way to ensure access has been to purchase real estate. Most recently, the WCCC, the Access Fund, and Gunnison climbers John and Marti Peterson purchased the Mothers Buttress. Now, the Lower Mothers and Television Wall are endangered because they are for sale and the climbers have not been able to negotiate a conservation easement or subdivision of the crags. The WCCC seeks participation from regional climbers and land conservationists to secure this real estate in perpetuity. The parcels total 39.5 acres and are listed for sale. The WCCC seeks interested parties who may be interested in subdividing the crags from the parcels, thereby lowering the tax bill for a private party and ensuring a beautiful, buildable site with a gorgeous crag in the back yard. Donations to defray expenses are very welcome. Interested? Contact western_co_climbers (at)hotmail(dot)com or WCCC is a a501(c)(3) nonprofit. PO Box 1152 / Grand Junction CO 81502. Find WCCC on Facebook. 970-260-7551.

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