Monday, May 19, 2008

Update on Lower Mothers

We have heard from the realtor, and the seller of the Lower Mothers Buttress/Television Wall parcel is not interested in a climbing easement or subdivision for climber access at this time.
The seller is Mike Fitzgerald, a former climber from Tempe. Further update at the WCCC meeting on Thursday (see below). There is considerable interest from a potential climber/buyer for this parcel, and we hope to update members at the meeting on Thursday. See you there!

Lost & Found

Lost prescription sunglasses at the Zappa Wall, Escalante. 260-7551. Thanks

Thursday, May 15, 2008

WCCC Meeting May 22

WCCC met on Thursday May 22 at 7pm. Rain reduced attendance, but six climbers met to discuss further updates on the Lower Mothers (for sale) issue and the ongoing progress with the Upper Mothers deal. Steve Johnson of the Access Fund has been helping out, and arranged for a volunteer surveyor from Telluride to measure the Upper Mothers parcel; we still seek a local surveyor who might donate time to move the contract process along.
Eve met with Rob from the Mesa Land Trust to discuss options for securing access to the climbing areas. Tax-deductible land easements are an option that she will investigate in the coming week.
A little more gear was sold to raise money for the WCCC. Update on financials is forthcoming.
We still seek contractors and others who can provide labor for in-kind donation toward the purchase of Upper Mothers. Got a backhoe?
Materials for a pipe safe were exchanged at the meeting.

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