Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks to donors--Time to pledge!

Donations for the purchase of Mothers Buttress have been accumulating! Now is the time to send your check for your tax-deductible contribution. To date, we have received some fat checks and hope to receive many more! Rick Smith, William Pike Howard, K.C. Baum, and Eve Tallman have contributed so far, and Thad Harlow, NOLS, the Access Fund, and John Eakins are on deck. Several others pitched in at the fundraiser. Special thanks to the Palisade Brewery, Petzl, Metolius, Crossroads Fitness, and Core Elements. In-kind donations to assist in the development of the property (surveys and etc.) have been offered by Ryan Cowan, Brad Winters, and others.
Keep it coming! And thanks for saving Mothers Buttress!

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