Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Board meeting July 2

The board met on Wednesday, July 2 at 8pm. The minutes are attached here under comments. If you'd like more information, please call 241-0503 or 260-7551. Thanks!

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Evetree said...

The following board members met: Jesse Zacher, Thad Harlow, Eric Ming, and Eve Tallman. Action items: Jesse, Eric, and Eve will work on an information piece to include at donation boxes, in a mass email to be sent to 4-corners members of the Access Fund, and a sidebar article for an upcoming Rock & Ice feature.
Eve was contacted to apply for an REI grant, so will work with the AF and Eric on the application to meet the July 15 deadline.
Another contribution to the Mothers Buttress purchase fund was sent to the Access Fund. Thad wrote a generous check for the next installment.
Fundraising ideas were discussed as well, including contacting Castle Valley and Glenwood-area climbers who may be interested in investing in the viable granite of Unaweep Canyon.
Climber-friendly buyers are still sought for the Television Wall and Lower Mothers Buttress parcels.
Jesse seeks a welder to assist him with the construction of the pipe safe donation box for the trailhead.
Eve reported that Steve Johnson, regional coordinator for the AF, suggests that we try to buy the LMB parcel outright. The asking price is $129K. Discussion ensued.
The group agreed that we should find out the surveyor's name who donated time and energy and thank him on behalf of the WCCC.
Additional assistance from a local surveyor is still sought and discussion ensued about how to find a surveyor that could help out.

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