Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Progress Report

Nary a day goes by that there isn't activity on the Mothers Buttress land acquisition project. Dave Foley, our volunteer surveyor, and Marc Kenney, our volunteer engineer, have been hard at work on the permits and planning process with the County and the highway department. Additionally, these two met with land owner John Peterson and WCCC Secretary Eve Tallman on site recently to look over the property lines, proposed boundary line adjustment, and driveway location.
Our volunteer attorney and broker for the deal, Steve Johnson, met with the County planner and our Prez Jesse Zacher to further discuss what is needed to made the proper subdivision so that we can close on our real estate deal with the Petersons.
Patience is a golden virtue when dealing with these complicated processes.
WCCC will pay fees and some expenses from our REI grant to assist the Petersons in their quest to provide climber access in perpetuity for the Mothers Buttress parcel.

Watch for news of our next WCCC meeting. Happy Spring!

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