Sunday, March 29, 2009

March board meeting

A quorum of the board met on March 24. Present were Jesse, Matt S, Eric Ming, and Eve. Also present were Leslie and Laura.
It was reported that Kris Hjelle has resigned from the board. Marc Kenney has been nominated to fill the vacant seat.
The REI grant was reviewed; because of delays with CDOT and etc., we have been unable to complete some of our REI grant details for the Mothers Buttress project, so Eve is requesting an extension on the March 30 deadline for reporting our expenditures. The engineer and surveyor will be invoiced for their services related to this grant work.

A $100 check was received from Summit Canyon Mountaineering for T-shirt sales.

The WCCC tax form 990 was filed as a group activity during the meeting. Eve reported that she renewed our registration and annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State.

An incident involving a landowner who resides across the highway from Mothers Buttress was discussed. It is highly recommended that climbers stay clear of the homeowner who owns the green home and green outbuildings; this person is highly agitated and threatened a WCCC member at gunpoint who was there on legitimate business. Apparently, the incident was not reported to the sheriff.

Eve has a plat map of a neighborhood adjacent to the Monument that shows a walking and equestrian easement from the street to the park boundary. Climbers and others have been harassed by a landowner who claims there is no easement, but a CDOT employee who is familiar with the issue has produced the legal plat map. Eve will post the map on the WCCC website so that climbers may print it and leave it on their dash, perhaps with a friendly note regarding legal access...

T-shirt sales are very slow and the group brainstormed about how to sell more. The cost is very reasonable ($10) and the black on grey is attractive spring wear.

Steve Johnson's Access Fund Award for activist of the year was discussed. All present acknowledged our gratitude to Steve for his hard work on our behalf to help us purchase the Mothers Buttress from the Petersons.

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