Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Mothers Buttress Parking Lot

On the 22nd of August we broke ground on the construction of phase one of the Mothers' Buttress Parking Lot. After lots of fund raising (thank you REI, ACCESS FUND, and of course MEMBERS!) we were able to get this project started. I would like to give a huge thanks for Dave Foley for coming out and volunteering his time as a surveyor for the per-construction work. Here are a few pictures of the construction. Hopefully we will be able to get phase 2 going soon to provide more space for parking. Please pass along the good word that we should start parking in our very own PARKING LOT!
Hope everyone is climbing,
Jesse Zacher
From August 30, 2011

From August 30, 2011

From August 30, 2011

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